The new update of Clash of Clans

Although the Clash Royale phenomenon has taken it out of the spotlight, Clash of Clans remains one of the best videogames for Android and Supercell’s idea is to keep it that way. For this reason, they have joined efforts to carry out one of the most important updates of recent times: welcome the builder base. If you want to know how to get free Clash of Clans gems, you can check the link, in Gums Up they know this information an other that may help you, also of other games like Monster Legends.

Clash of Clans, The night comes with the builder base

Accustomed as we are to the borders of our Clash of Clans space, the new update floods at night a new kingdom to command. To access it we will only need our town hall to reach level 4. With this and the mysterious ship that appeared recently repaired we will be able to reach the new world where we expect plenty of surprises.

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How to download paid apps for free

Creating an application for smartphones is not easy. Creating an application that is beautiful, useful, and that may be able to simplify the life of users is even more difficult. That is why the work of developers should always be supported and we should not raise the nose before application that costs € 5, € 10 or even a little more.

Download paid apps for free is easier than you think

Having said that, it is good to know that applications – as well as any other tangible or intangible property in the market – can be protagonists of promotions that can lower the price to the threshold of – drum roll – 0 €. Yes, you read it right! Zero euros, free, free, latch, but all in a totally legal way. In Gums Up you can find out how and where to download Android and iPhone payment apps for free, to get your most wanted apps in a completely free way.

If you do not believe what I just said, try to dedicate five minutes of your time, not a second more. I will find out how to download a payment without application (or significant discount) thanks to some services that report on daily applications, and games, in the promotion of some apps stores or Google play and other sites to download apps.

Download paid apps for free.

You can download apps from AppShopper (IOS)

If you are looking for free or discounted apps for iPhone and iPad, you can only rely on AppShopper, an excellent service that lets you discover the most attractive offers in the App Store and create a preferred wish list to receive notifications when Your favorite applications become the object of special promotions.

To download AppShopper on your iOS device, look for it in the App Store and install it. After the download, start the application, press the gear icon located in the upper left and select the first item and then the Enter button Create account from the screen that opens to create your free account. The creation of an account is not mandatory, but I recommend it, as you will need to create your own wish list, and then monitor the prices of the applications that interest you.

How to download paid App for free

Once the session is started, select the AppShopper AppShopper Current tab and press the Add button to display the list of applications for the promotion. If you want to see only free apps by excluding the ones that are paid but still remain, select the free payment item at the top right and set the free option in the menu that appears.

When you find an application that interests you, you can download it from the App Store before clicking on its title and click the free button. If you want to add to your wish list, click on its name and put the checkmark next to I want it on the page that opens.

To see the applications in euro prices instead of dollars, again in the AppShopper configuration by clicking the gear icon in the upper left and select the / EUR Italy option from the Country / Currency menu.

If you wish, you can search AppShopper offers even from your computer, control your wish list and change it by connecting to the service website.

Tips for Google play Gift Cards

It is not enough to document the many features of the useful store of applications, movies and books for our Android devices, and when I talk about “devices” I mean indistinctly mobile, tablets, Android TV (in general, any computer with the Google Play Store installed). For this I share tricks an excellent list that can be put into practice in seconds. Also you can check how to earn free Google Play card in the link for those who are interested. Here they are:

Buy apps with Google Play gift cards

Gift cards are already available in more countries, including Spain. Gift cards are simple prepaid physical cards with a specific value and code that allows you to activate your load to make purchases inside the play store without having to enter a Cŕedito card.

How to redeem them?

Enter the website of Google Play store and just down to the left appears a button that says redeem. Enter the gift card code and click on Redeem. From the mobile you can do almost the same way, from the main menu of the Google Play store.

Enable a password to restrict purchases

To prevent anyone who has access to the devices from buying right and left, you can force Google Play to ask Google’s password before making a purchase.

How do I enable it?

From one of your devices open the Google Play Store application. Inside it, click on the icon of the store (top left) to show the main menu, tap in Settings >> Search request password for purchases >> Select for all purchases made in Google Play >> Enter your password >> Click OK.

Add applications to the “wishlist”

If you liked an application but do not plan to buy it or just install it at that time, you can save it in the wish list to buy it and/or install it later.

How to add them?

Open the application and click the Add button to the wishlist. On the Google Play Store website appears right next to the Install button, and in the Google Play Store app for other devices, it will appear at the top right (it has a “+” symbol).

Filter apps by their content type

The classic old filter, in this case, related to the “maturity” required to use certain app for the type of content that includes: violent material, bets, sensitive images, etc.

How to filter them?

Start Google Play store on your device, go to the main menu of the store >> Settings >> Content filter >> and select the filters you prefer (all public, specific maturity or all apps).

Disable Update notifications

Although automatic updating can be activated, there are few times that annoying notifications are displayed asking for accepting the latest apps updates. The good thing is that they can be deactivated from the root.

How to deactivate them?

Open the Google Play store on your device, go to Settings inside the main menu on the left and turn off the notifications using the first check box that appears.


Need riot points?

The riot Points of League of Legends, are a very wanted “coin”, to be able to get skins, runes, etc. The point is that these points cost a lot to get, or with a very long dedication playing, or the cost of paying, that’s why many people are dedicated to finding a way to get all these points in a less laborious way, and to go unnoticed by riot and its updated servers, such as using bots, or software that achieve these points for you.


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New fully online and secure RP generator for League of Legends (all regions)


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With our RP generator you can get RP to buy champions and skins without risk of bane or virus as the tool is 100% online and allows you to generate RP without risk or download programs.


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