Need riot points?

The riot Points of League of Legends, are a very wanted “coin”, to be able to get skins, runes, etc. The point is that these points cost a lot to get, or with a very long dedication playing, or the cost of paying, that’s why many people are dedicated to finding a way to get all these points in a less laborious way, and to go unnoticed by riot and its updated servers, such as using bots, or software that achieve these points for you.


Generate up to 16500 RP Direct to your League of Legends account without downloading anything and without risk of bane, hurry before it stops working!


The Gumsup team has managed to discover a bug in the riot store that allows us to get unlimited riot points codes and send them to any game account as long as it is in the region compatible with the script, in a totally remote and anonymous way, you can consult more about the topic in the following link , how to earn free riot points we have also updated our protection system so that riot can not track the accounts that have obtained RP! You’ll only have to put your League of Legends account name (or your friends ‘) and you get a maximum of 16500 RP in League of Legends.


New fully online and secure RP generator for League of Legends (all regions)


If you don’t have money to buy RP or that 6300 IP champion that you want is your lucky day because you’ve found ‘ a gold mine ‘! Our way to get codes and RP can generate unlimited PR coupons and automatically apply them to your account in a remote heartbeat! Without entering your password or downloading anything, directly from the Web. Our application allows to generate any amount of RP (maximum 16500) by downloading other programs getting gums and then them by riot points and without risk of account blocking. No matter if you’re not level 30, our method of getting riot points is designed to work on almost any server and league of Legends account. It’s time for riot games to stop stealing money by buying a skin that is replaced by a new one, or taking 1000 years to get a 6300 IP champion. Use our online hack for lol and start enjoying the game in the best way possible! Get all the skins of League of Legends without paying with our online tool to generate RP.


With our RP generator you can get RP to buy champions and skins without risk of bane or virus as the tool is 100% online and allows you to generate RP without risk or download programs.


Our online tool is the most stable currently for League of Legends that allows you to generate riot points without downloading anything to your computer.

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